Welcome Back Blazer Football
Bring Back Blazer Football

Countdown to #TheReturn of UAB Football

The Green and Gold Club
A new non profit was created to support the growth
of The Public University located in Birmingham, AL
The Green and Gold Club will have another informational meeting on Sunday, Dec. 4, at 6pm at Dreamland. Everyone Welcome!
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56 Government Entities Approved Documents Supporting The Return of UAB Football
Click Here to Find All Documents Related To The Football Travesty
Dr. John Knox Posts and Op-Eds


  • UAB Football is coming back!!!
  • The Audible: Why Bear Bryant's son wanted UAB Blazers gone forever
  • Blazer Faithful: Imagine a Truly Free UAB
  • Pogue: UAB's self-inflicted mess means long recovery
  • Ty Long Believes Former School UAB Will Have Successful Future With Football's Return
  • UAB AD Mark Ingram talks about reinstating football, rifle and bowling
  • UAB deserves an on-campus stadium
  • The Return of UAB Football: Comeback or Con Job?
  • FBS newbies provide glimpse how UAB can rebuild its roster
  • UAB fans can make donations specific to football, bowling and rifle
  • And now Clark must undo much undoing
  • Sales soar at Snoozy’s as UAB fans rush for “We Are Back” t-shirts
  • Back from the dead

  • The Return of UAB Football: What Happens Now?
  • The Five Most Ridiculous Statements From UAB's Football Press Conference
  • Former Blazer Izell Reese thrilled with reinstatement of UAB football
  • NOTEBOOK: Shaq Jones staying at UAB after considering WKU
  • UAB football to be reinstated by school president Ray Watts
  • UAB Calls Reverse, Will Reinstate Football
  • Coach Bill Clark releases statement on the return of UAB football
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    UAB Fight Song
    At UAB in Birmingham All Hail our players bold
    They are the mighty Blazers
    Who wear the Green and Gold
    Tonight let's fire their Golden Blaze
    The flame of victory
    Go Blazers! Go Blazers!
    Win for UAB!
    UAB Football Total Debt Outstanding on Athletic Facilities by Year