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Bring Back Blazer Football

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  • Dear UAB Faithful and Loyal, The short film at the bottom of this page, "4th Down", was created by UAB film students Kourtney Cowart and Michael Shikany. These two students have collected tons of footage on this UAB football debacle since December 2. They have continued to schedule interviews and continue to get more footage as the last exciting weeks have passed. I think we can all agree their work is very impressive!

    These students are making a high-quality, full-length movie this Summer that will build on "4th Down." This movie will be a "what's next" for UAB football film. Their problem is that they both need full time jobs this summer but they also need to spend large amounts of time for editing so that they can make an excellent film for all of us to enjoy.

    So, I had the idea that some of us out in the community could come together and donate some money to help sponsor these students this summer while they are putting together a full-length film for the UAB community.

    Regardless of whatever we're able to do for them, the students are going to put in countless hours into this film this summer. If we just sponsored 20 hours each student per week working on this movie (40 hours a week total) times 10 weeks in the summer at $8.00 an hour it would total $3,200.00. (3,500.00 includes gofundme costs) Obviously, if we could double this and raise $7,000.00 we could sponsor them full time on the movie this summer.

    The students will keep and post minutes of the work they do on the movie every week so we can watch their progress as well as release trailers every couple weeks. They will have their own tab on the freeuab.org website and will share on social media.

    Here's the cool part: The students said that anyone who gives money will be listed in the final credits as a producer!

    And, since UAB folks put their money where their mouth is, me and my boss Alexander Shunnarah, have already made a donation for $500.00 each totalling $1,000.00. The students needed an new iPad and a large external Hard Drive a couple weeks ago to get started. We went ahead and used $635.12 of our $1,000.00 to purchase the iPad and Hard Drive for the students so they had what they needed when the announcement was made. I attached my credit card receipts. So, Alex and I are starting off this drive with $364.88 to apply to the $3,500.00 fund making it $3,135.12 in needed funds as of right now.

    Please share with anyone willing to donate.

  • 4th Down by Kourtney Cowart & Michael Shikany